If I ever write a book where my character has a nemesis, I will now be able to better relate to how he or she will feel. I've struggled more this season with my beam back handspring than I ever have with any other skill. At my lowest point I even considered quitting gymnastics all together. But people who love and care about me encouraged, cheered, and were strong for me until I found my own strength to fight back. I'm still far from having a perfect back handspring on the beam, but I'm beating it. I've got it's number and I won't give up until I have it conquered.
Here was my BIG MOMENT at the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards! I was SO nervous but SO excited at the same time! Then the guy totally threw me off when he spun me around! He hadn't done that with anyone else and I had NO IDEA what was going on!  :)
TODAY IS THE BIG DAY ~ It's a BOOK BIRTHDAY for Mylee In The Mirror, and I'm SO EXCITED!!! 
What an incredible journey it has been so far!  I'll bet the next 6 months will be even better!  :)
I donated a book for the first time yesterday at my Region 2 XCel Gymnastics meet. The proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. It felt awesome to contribute to the cause!

My first copies of my first book arrived in the mail Wednesday! My mom had to pick me up from school for tramp & tumble practice, so she took the box with her, knowing how anxious I was to open it. I was SO. EXCITED!!! when I opened it in the hallway at school! Before bed last night, Mom asked me to describe for Mr. Geez (my publisher) and the rest of the folks at Fresh Ink Group, how I felt when I got the books.


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